General Information

City Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesdays of each month at the Municipal Building.  Your attendance is welcome.
The water meter and water meter barrel that services your home is city property.  You are prohibited from opening this barrel.  Should you choose to do so, the deed may result in legal action against you.
Should the need arise that you need Emergency Assistance for Police or Fire, Call 911.  We urge you to display your house number at the front of your residence so the ambulance or other emergency equipment will be able to find you or your family.
Our Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated and efficient.  We hope you never need their services, but if you do, you may be secure in the knowledge that they will carry out their duties in a professional manner.
City ordinances require that all dogs have current rabies shots and be licensed with the city each year.  All dogs, even puppies, must be licensed.  All dogs will be on a leash, or in a fenced in yard at all times.
City ordinances prohibit the presence of disabled, abandoned or unlicensed vehicles, as well as the accumulation of junk or trash.  yards must be kept mowed.
Very few door-to-door  salesmen are granted permits to sell in Grandview Plaza and those who have permits should be willing to show that permit to you.  If a subject calls on you for a survey or selling, please call City Hall.  We will be glad to check them for you.
Trash pick-up is on Tuesday and Fridays weekly.  City ordinances provide that containers will not weigh more that 25 pounds full.  Containers are to be placed on the curb for pick-up and the empty containers are to be returned to the rear of the residence by the home occupant on the same day of service.
Our Storm Shelter/Community Center is now operational.  In case of severe weather or disaster, all residents are welcome to come to the new building for shelter. (See Emergency Section) The mew storm shelter building will be available to rent for certain functions.  Interested parties need to contact Janet Young, City Clerk, for more information.
We sincerely hope you will like living in Grandview Plaza and your stay will be long, or even better, permanent.  If we can make our city friendly, caring and clean, it will be because of you!!!