Emergency Information

Should the need arise that you need Emergency Assistance for Police or Fire, Call 911.  We urge you to display your house number at the front of your residence so the ambulance or other emergency equipment will be able to find you or your family

Our Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated and efficient.  We hope you never need their services, but if you do, you may be secure in the knowledge that they will carry out their duties in a professional manner.

Our Storm Shelter/Community Center is now operational.  In case of severe weather or disaster,  all residents are welcome to come to the new building for shelter.  Enter the building from the lower north entrance.  Cars can be parked in that parking lot.

The terrain and location of Grandview Plaza is such that it is unlikely a tornado will strike our city.  However, you may want to check your neighborhood for a basement whose owner is willing to let you seek shelter there in case of an actual storm warning.  These arrangements should be made before the need arises to be sure you are aware of what your host will be expecting of you.  If you are into a home with a basement, you may want to let your neighbors know they will be welcome to take shelter with you, should a weather emergency arise.  The local TV and radio may help keep you informed of a potential weather emergency.